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The Swedish Golf V8 drifting car...

the Story about the Swedish Golf R32 from 2003,  which was totally rebuilt for drifting. 

The guys who built this car was not content merely to replace the original powerful V6 engine for a Chevy LS1 V8. They increased stroke, and put in bigger pistons in the engine so they got a 6.2 liter engine!
But the Swedish guys who built this car did not stop there .. they changed the gearbox, converted the car to rear wheel drive, etc. .. The job is done by Daniel Björk and Peter Steinwandt, Sweden.

The first time I met Daniel, he told me why he was building a drifting car on a VW Golf. - All the other guys build Japanese cars for drifting. I wanted to be different from them! .. Therefore, I decided to built a drifting car on a German VW Golf!
We at, thinks he did the right thing;)

Construction period: October 2009 - June 2011

Power: 450 hp
Weight: 1050 kg
Engine: Chevrolet LS1 V8 increase to 6.2 Liter. Forged crank. Lunati rods. Wiseco pistons. Comp cams, roller rockers and camshaft. Pushrods in chrome moly. Harder valve springs and titanium retainers. Dry sump pumps and sump from Armstrong Race Engineering. Fidanza, aluminum flywheel
Transmission: Fidanza, double-disc clutch. Jerico, 4 speed transmission dogbox
Suspension: Custom Made front suspension with Sachs struts. Volvo rear axle suspended on the link front susp and Sellholm watt link. Öhlins suspension.
Brakes:Ventilated Turbo brakes
Wheels: Cragar steel wheels, 16 inch front, 17 inch rear
Body: VW motorsport front fenders, spoilers and hood in fiberglass