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VW Golf Biagini Passo

Based on the Golf Country, with body from an VW Golf 1 Convertible. 4X4 four seat convertible by VW and a slightly modified body from the normal convertible. It was built in Italy by FIAT.

Four different models of the rare Biagini Passo was built.
Passo 1.8i L Plus fromf 11/1991 to 12/1993
Passo 1.8i LX from 12/1990 to 11/1991
Passo 1.8i LX (with catalyst) from 11/1991 to 12/1993
Passo 1.8i L from 12/1990 to 11/1991 (this model had an weaker engine... about 88Hp.)

The technical data of the VW Golf Biagini Passo

Engine: 1,8 l-four-cylinder engine with 98 HP (72 kW), Catalyst, 5 speed gearbox


Drive: Permanent all-wheel-drive with viscous coupling



Length                            4255 mm

With                               1705 mm

Height                            1555mm

Wheelbase                      2480 mm

Width of track front/rear    1435/1443 mm

Turning circle                   10,5 m

Wheels                            6 J x 15 

Tires                              195/60 R 15



Weight when empty         1245 kg

Totally weight                  1640kg


Maximum speed:  155Km/h


Acceleration: 0-80 km/h 8,2Sec.    0-100 km/h 12,3Sec   


Fuel consumption: unlead petrol

With constant 90Km/h        8,5l

With constant 120Km/h     11,4l

In city traffic                     


Pictures of the VW Golf Biaigini Passo