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VW Golf A59 (project car) 1992-1994

The meaning of this was to take the A59 into the World Rally Cup. And repair the bad reputation, of Volkswagen Motorsports latest attempt with the "Golf Rallye". The development of the A59 began early in 1992 until the project took an end in 1994. One of the causes where the cost of the project and what it would be to expensive. The A59 never enter production. Only two project cars were built by Konrad Schmidt Motorsport, for Volkswagen Motorsport.

The technical data of the VW Golf A59



Engine: 2L 16V four-cylinder engine with 275 HP (202 kW) at 6000rpm, 375nm at 3500rpm,  katalysator, 6 speed gearbox, Bosch Digifant injection-system, with an KKK-turbo, bore 86,0 , stroke 86,0


Drive: Permanent all-wheel-drive with viscous coupling



Length           4020 mm

With              1770 mm

Height            1400mm

Wheelbase      2475 mm

Turning circle   10,6 m

Wheels           8 J x 16

Tires              205/50 ZR 16


Weight: Weight when empty   1373 kg


Maximum speed: 250Km/h


Acceleration: 0-100 km/h 4,2s



The Golf A59 in the press

the article from a Swedish magazine, published late in 1993.

Pictures of the Golf A59