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VW Motorsport Nixdorf Pikes Peak Golf 1987

In July 1987 took driver Jochi Kleint an attempt to take the fastest time in Pikes Peak international hill climb ”The race to the clouds”. The car that Volkswagen Motorsport had built for this race, was an twin-engine 1.8L 16V engine. Both engines was supercharged with an turbo (the first car without suffered greatly at altitude in the peak). The whole car was built of aluminum and steel, with the the front and rear completely removable. Engines were controlled by use of standard cable for the front engine, with TPS measuring the throttle plate opening and matching the second engine´s throttle electrically. Unfortunately this car had an transmission failure just before the finish line.

Top speed 184Km / h,   2 x 1781cc,   2 x 326Bhp,   2 x 240Kw


The route

The route to the top of Pikes Peak is not a challenge for the faint-of- heart. It's a 21,0Km course of both pavement and gravel that starts at an elevation of 2862m and ends at 4300m. Known as "The Race to the Clouds," this event is the second oldest automobile race in the U.S. (after the Indianapolis 500) and features 156 turns with no guardrails.




History of the race to the clouds

The first automobile to make it to the top of Colorado's Pikes Peak was a Locomobile Steamer in 1901. It took nine hours to drive, and push, the vehicle to the top. The first race was held in 1916 and the fastest time was 18 minutes, 24 seconds. The current race record is 10 minutes, 4.06 seconds set in 1994 by Pikes Peak veteran racer   Rod Millen.